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Bed bug infestations have been on the rise for the last several years. These insects were thought to be eradicated from the United States but have made a serious comeback. Eliminate bed bugs from your Indiana home, hotel, or commercial building with the help of POW Pest Control.

Are bed bugs common in Indiana?

Yes, bed bugs are extremely common in Indiana. In fact, Orkin identified Indianapolis as the 9th worst city in the US (out of 50) for bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug History

Bed bugs were first discovered at international ports of entry in the U.S. such as New York City and Los Angeles. Hotels and extended stay buildings first noticed the resurgence of bed bugs. Surprisingly to some, high class and five star hotels were having problems with this pest. Now local, national, and international travelers are potentially exposed to bed bugs when spending a night at a hotel or motel.

As the name suggests, bed bugs are most commonly found around beds and bedding. These insects are elusive creatures that typically feed at night, so it's rare to see them in person. Bed bugs prefer to feed on human blood but will feed on other warm-blooded animals as well. While they are not known to transmit disease, a reaction (itchy, red welts) to their bite is normal and usually how people discover that they might have bed bugs.

Removing Bed Bugs In Indiana

In 2020, Orkin identified Indianapolis as the 9th worst city for bed bugs. It's safe to say bed bugs have made Indiana their home and they are here to stay.

It can be extremely difficult to eliminate an established bed bug infestation.  A bed bug infestation is not necessarily a sanitation problem by itself, since they are extremely mobile and travel well in luggage.  Unlike cockroaches, these insects do not thrive only in poor sanitation areas.  Bed bug infestations are also seldom controlled by a single visit from a pest control professional and require repeat visits to rid them entirely.

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POW Pest Control has the professional knowledge and experience to identify and treat for bed bugs.  The initial inspection and treatment often takes several hours to complete.  Additional follow-up inspections and treatment are often required along with client/tenant cooperation.  Choose a company that has been exterminating bed bugs since 1984! We work with apartment complexes, hotels, motels, short-term and long-term residential spaces. Call us today at (812) 696-2100!

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